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Vienna housing construction project in two-quarter time

2016. nov. 3.


2016. nov. 3.
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“Viertel Zwei – Rondo” Residential Complex, Vienna, Austria

With a similar amount of zest and energy as the Viennese Waltz in three-quarter time, seven extravagantly shaped residential towers are currently being constructed adjacent to the famous Prater amusement park in Vienna. Perfectly matched PERI formwork, scaffolding and safety solutions ensure a high concreting cycle frequency in order to meet the extremely tight construction schedule.

"Viertel Zwei” – this is the name given to an ambitious residential building project in the heart of the Austrian capital, Vienna. Around 4,000 people already live and work in the new, modern and mostly car-free city district in close proximity to the Krieau horse racing track and directly adjacent to the Wiener Praterpark. Seven additional, exceptionally-designed residential buildings featuring a total of 200 apartments and a kindergarten are now being realized in this "Rondo” expansion project. The 4 to 10-storey and up to 33 m high structures are characterized by balconies which extend all the way round the upper floors like continuous rings. Underneath the outdoor area, which will subsequently feature a park-like landscape, the exclusive residential project has a shared 11,500 m² basement with 245 underground parking spaces.

Customised formwork concept

The tower-like buildings are being realized exclusively as a concrete construction. PERI Austria engineers, together with the project management team of contractor Heitkamp Construction GmbH, developed a tailored formwork concept at a very early stage which in particular took into account the complex construction of the circumferential, irregularly cantilevering balconies. In addition, the scheduled completion time of only 10 months for the shell of the entire building complex is extremely tight.

Balcony cantilevers with system

Table-like MULTIFLEX Girder Slab Formwork serves as support for the cantilevered balconies which are cast in-situ as well as for supporting the organically-shaped prefabricated parapets. MULTIPROP Aluminum Slab Props have been connected to MRK Frames to form shoring towers and reliably transfer the loads across all levels down to the slab of the underground garage. The PROKIT System, with its 1.10 m high side mesh barriers, is being used as an end-to-end temporary anti-fall protection system.

Walls, slabs and balconies realized separately

The rectangular, interlaced structural wall arrangements are formed using TRIO 330 Panel Formwork and climbed in advance with the help of FB 180 Folding Platforms. As a result, this allows the wall and slab work as well as construction of the balcony areas to be carried out separately.

The SKYDECK Panel Slab Formwork provides fast concreting cycle operations when forming the floor slabs. Shuttering and striking can take place very quickly with the help of the lightweight aluminium system components whilst the drophead system allows early striking after only one day. Thus, already at the beginning of construction work, the large reinforced concrete slab of the shared basement area could be completed in record time and with only a minimum of on-site material requirements.

Heitkamp Construction GmbH, Vienna

Client/Project Development
IC Development GmbH, Vienna

Thomas Pucher, Graz

Field Service
PERI Ges. mbh, Nußdorf ob der Traisen


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