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From planning to implementation

2017. jan. 19.


2017. jan. 19.
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Easy at any time of the construction process

Enhanced safety along with maximum flexibility: the new PERI UP Easy* facade scaffold system solves two of the most important challenges faced in day-to-day construction site operations as the new frame scaffold supports safe and fast assembly. In addition, the integrated scaffolding nodes allows PERI UP Easy to be combined with the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding thus ensuring maximum flexibility even when dealing with complex building geometries. Furthermore, PERI offers its customers a wide range of services relating to planning, tendering and project execution through to the entire planning and construction process.

Construction work is becoming increasingly more complex resulting in, among other things, that the demands placed on safety requirements on the jobsite are steadily increasing. Time pressure grows and the interaction of various trades often requires changes to previously planned implementation solutions to be made at very short notice. A scaffold must therefore also be extremely flexible during its use by different project participants while at the same time providing the highest possible level of safety. The PERI UP Easy frame scaffold system fulfils these requirements through its new design configuration as well as compatibility with the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding.

Guaranteed safety where others tend to stumble

With this latest generation of PERI facade scaffolds, the development placed a particularly focus on the elimination of tripping hazards and other sources of danger. All decks are flush mounted side-by-side resulting in a gap-free surface throughout which means no additional components are required to close any openings. This ensures extremely safe conditions as, when working on the scaffolding, users normally focus on the job in hand – and less on the work environment.

In addition, each PERI UP Easy deck is equipped with protection against lifting: an integrated clamp engages the rectangular ledger of the frame immediately after the deck has been installed. This means that the decking is secured in position without requiring any additional measures. Thanks to this design, individual decks can also be arbitrarily removed without any modification measures – this is particularly helpful when transporting materials into the building.

Flexible in every situation

PERI UP Easy is easily adaptable to suit all conceivable building geometries and assembly scenarios thanks to the simple combinability with PERI UP Flex. The rosette nodes which have been integrated into the frames can be directly attached to up to a total of eight components, e.g. ledgers, supports, console brackets and flights of stairs – without the need for time-consuming mounting of couplers. As a result, the frame scaffold has outstanding flexibility.

External staircases can also be directly connected to the rosette nodes and without any tripping hazards. In contrast to narrow, internally-fitted access points with access decks, the external staircases provide convenient and safe access for tradesmen and other parties involved in the construction project. Thereby, hands are always kept free in order to quickly transport tools and materials.

Last but not least, PERI UP Easy requires considerably fewer anchor points compared to conventional facade scaffolding. This results in a reduction in the working time as well as cost savings as the number of tie points which subsequently need to be closed is also reduced to a minimum.

PERI as service provider

Since 1988, industrial safety regulations have required that building owners are also made responsible for safety on the construction site. This means that planning and tendering is an essential part of building design.

PERI supports architects and planners throughout the whole construction process with comprehensive range of services. The options start with texts for tenders through to the planning of a scaffold assembly solution including static calculations. With numerous highly experienced engineers, PERI has the necessary capacities as well as special international expertise in order to professionally accompany the entire scaffolding requirements of a construction project. Experienced engineers and supervisors expertly deal with static pre-planning along with calculations and feasibility studies.

Through this outstanding flexibility in the planning and application phases combined with a particularly efficient and safe PERI UP scaffolding system as well as a comprehensive service package, PERI provides an enhanced level of facade scaffolding now available in the market.


* Please note that German general building inspectorate approval for PERI UP Easy has been applied for but has not been issued yet. Pending the granting of the approval, the use of PERI UP Easy is possible if prior authorization is obtained from the relevant building authority in each individual case. No authorization is required in Austria and Switzerland.



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