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Trmice Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic

Trmice Motorway Bridge, Aussig, Czech Republic - For the 1,083 m long Trmice motorway bridge near Aussig in the Czech Republic, 59 piers were cost-effectively formed using PERI formwork.
Trmice Motorway Bridge, Aussig, Czech Republic - For constructing the pier heads, PERI developed an efficient formwork solution with horizontally-positioned brace frames and VARIO GT 24 girder wall formwork.
Trmice Motorway Bridge, Aussig, Czech Republic - PERI supplied two composite formwork carriages for constructing the S-shaped superstructure highlighted through its counter-positioned and changing radii.
Trmice Motorway Bridge, Aussig, Czech Republic - The striking Y-shape of the massive bridge piers is clearly shown through the use of two different wall thicknesses in the area of the pier heads.
Trmice Motorway Bridge, Aussig, Czech Republic - With the PERI steel composite formwork carriage, Prague-based METROSTAV AG had a very efficient, all-purpose piece of equipment at its disposal.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Aussig, Csehország

S-shaped motorway bridge in a steel composite construction with counter-positioned and changing radii, plus 59 y-shaped piers of architectural concrete quality.

Design: girder bridge
Overall length: 1,083 m
Height: max. 27 m
Number of piers: 59

Projekt követelmények

  • smooth, light architectural concrete
  • neat joint and tie arrangement


Metrostav a.s., Division 4, Prague

Ügyfél előnyök

  • cost savings thanks to rentable system parts
  • reduced use of materials and labour for the re-positioning process
  • no disruption to rail traffic during the entire construction period
Pavel Kouba, Project Manager
Pavel Kouba
Project Manager

PERI provided the most cost-effective formwork solution for constructing the piers and superstructure.  Using the PERI composite formwork carriage resulted in considerable cost savings for us.  In addition, normal rail traffic operations could be maintained during the entire construction period.

PERI megoldások

  • system solution with composite formwork carriages for the substructure
  • customised and prefabricated VARIO GT 24 elements
  • CB/VARIO climbing formwork for the pier shafts
  • suspended SB brace frame system for the pier heads with doubling on the VARIO elements
  • tie points tailored to the construction project
  • main load-bearing members and separating wall of the pier heads formed and concreted in one pour