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St. Canisius Church, Germany

St. Canisius Church, Berlin, Germany - The modern reinforced concrete design is characterized by exactly defined requirements placed on the visible concrete surfaces.
St. Canisius Church, Berlin, Germany - Matrices nailed to the plywood resulted in perfect imprints in the concrete.
St. Canisius Church, Berlin, Germany - As far as concreting height, concrete surface quality and tie pattern were concerned, the flexible VARIO GT 24 wall formwork system fulfilled all the requirements.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Berlin, Németország

Church of reinforced concrete in modern style

Architect: Büttner – Neumann – Braun BDA, Berlin

Projekt követelmények

  • formlining joints and tie pattern and arrangements specified by the architects
  • strict evenness tolerances
  • use of smooth, non-absorbent formlining with no visible fixing marks


Hoch- und Ingenieurgesellschaft Brandenburg GmbH

Ügyfél előnyök

  • even element joints and featured tie point arrangement
  • architect's quality requirements fulfilled in best way possible
St. Canisius Church, Statement: Andreas Müller, Project Manager, Detlef Hübner, Site Foreman
Andreas Müller | Detlef Hübner
Project Manager | Site Foreman

„With the prefabricated VARIO girder wall elements and the VARIO coupling for architectural concrete, we could fulfil the quality requirements in the best way possible!”

PERI megoldások

  • prefabricated VARIO GT 24 formwork elements as customised elements, covered by formlining of film-faced plywood, screwed and smoothed from the front
  • use of VKS coupling for architectural concrete to minimise tolerances in the area of the formwork joints
  • anchor pattern customised for project, partially effected as blind anchors.
  • matrices nailed to the plywood for a smooth imprint on the concrete, completed by irregularly arranged metal inserts

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