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Place des Martyrs Metro Station, Algeria

Metro extension, Algiers - The Algerian metro station "Place des Martyrs" is 144 m long and features record-breaking dimensions with its 23 m width and 14.80 m height.
Metro extension, Algiers - Based on the VARIOKIT modular system, the PERI formwork carriage solution is tailored to meet all project requirements and is also hydraulically operated.
Metro extension, Algiers - Shuttering and stripping is done hydraulically on the VARIOKIT tunnel formwork carriage. It is also based on rentable system components and can be rapidly assembled and adapted by means of standardized bolted connections.
Metro extension, Algiers - PERI engineers created a formwork carriage construction on the basis of the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit. Using the same system components and formwork segments, both cross-sectional metro station variants can be cost-effectively realized.
Metro extension, Algiers - The PERI UP working scaffold has been optimally adapted to suit the imposing cross-sectional geometry of the station´s arched form and is used to execute the waterproofing and reinforcement work in advance.
Metro extension, Algiers - A total of four PERI tunnel formwork carriages are being used: in addition to the VARIOKIT formwork carriage construction for the "Place des Martyrs", a second project formwork carriage with a 9.30 m radius is being utilized for the realisation of the "Ali Boumendjel" intermediate station.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Algier, Algéria

  • "Place des Martyrs“ metro station with record-breaking dimensions: 144 m long as well as up to 23 m wide and 14.80 m high.
  • A total of 1.7 km long extension under the historic old district of Algiers including 2 metro stations.

Projekt követelmények

  • Metro station with two different cross-sections, 23 m and 16.50 m wide.
  • Short concreting cycle lengths of 5.10 m.


GMAC (Groupement Métro d'Alger Centre):
Andrade Gutierrez; Texeira Duarte; Gesi TP; Zagope

Ügyfél előnyök

  • Cost-effective realisation of both cross-sectional variants of the metro station using one formwork carriage.
  • Maintaining the construction schedule through a fast cycle sequence of 15 m per week.
  • Time and cost savings due to renting the components, fast material availability and easy assembly of the VARIOKIT system.
  • Safe execution of the waterproofing and reinforcement work in advance on PERI UP working scaffold.
Place des Martyrs Metro Station, Algiers, Algeria: Rui Correia, Technical Manager
Rui Correia
Technical Manager

The VARIOKIT system played a key role in mastering the challenges presented during the construction of the station - the PERI formwork carriage adapted perfectly to suit the different geometries. With the fast concreting cycle sequence of 15 m per week, the project could be completed ahead of schedule in spite of the high technical and quality requirements.

PERI megoldások

  • Customised VARIOKIT formwork carriage construction in order to cost-effectively realise both cross-sectional variants with the help of the same system components and formwork segments.
  • Hydraulic operability for convenient working operations and fast implementation.
  • Economically-optimised tunnel formwork solutions for the complete extension project with a total of 4 formwork carriages, tailored to suit the range of different requirements.
  • Team of PERI engineers from Algeria, Portugal, Spain and Germany.

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