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Oparno Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic

Oparno Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic - The 258 m long and 50 m high arched bridge crosses the Opamo Valley in the Bohemian Forest.
Oparno Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic - The PERI UP protective roof construction prevent interference of rail services during the construction of the arched supporting structure using the cantilevered construction method.
Oparno Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic - The bridge piers were cost-effectively climbed with the PERI RCS rail climbing system.
Oparno Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic - For moving past the bride piers, the slab formwork is simply folded downwards hydraulically.
Oparno Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic - For the realization of the bridge structural components, PERI used mostly rentable modular construction systems.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Oparno, Csehország

Arch bridge over the Oparno Valley

Overall length: 258 m
Arch span: 135 m
Carriageway height: 50 m
Construction period: 2007 - 2010

Projekt követelmények

  • two parallel positioned reinforced concrete arches using the cantilevered construction method
  • superstructure with T-beam cross sections as formwork carriage
  • no restricted rail services in the Valley during construction
  • strict environmental protection regulations


Metrostav a.s., Division 5, Prague

Ügyfél előnyök

  • economical construction thanks to rentable system components and mobile self-climbing technology
  • simple and convenient striking and shuttering processes
Roman Šimáček, Senior Site Manager
Roman Šimáček
Site Manager

The very strict environmental protection regulations meant that a technically challenging bridge construction was necessary. PERI provided us with a perfect customised, economical and safe solution for the piers and arched construction along with the superstructure.

PERI megoldások

Complete solution with standardised modular systems:

  • VARIOKIT cantilever construction kit for bridge arches
  • VARIOKIT formwork carriage for T-beam superstructure
  • RCS rail climbing system for bridge piers and PERI UP for working platforms
  • stair access and protective roof construction