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Centre International d’Art Pariétal – Lascaux IV, France

Lascaux IV - Centre International d’Art Pariétal (CIAP): Overall view of the museum complex. Through the TRIO panel formwork, the high requirements on the concrete surfaces have been fully met.
Lascaux IV - Centre International d’Art Pariétal (CIAP): With customized VARIO GT 24 girder wall formwork, those areas featuring two counter-positioned inclinations can easily be aligned.
Lascaux IV - Centre International d’Art Pariétal (CIAP): The TRIO panel formwork allows the construction of the 13.50 m high walls with variable inclinations. Up to 14 m long RS push-pull props ensure the correct alignment of the elements.
Lascaux IV - Centre International d’Art Pariétal (CIAP): The MXP platform system provides the maximum level of safety during anchor operations and when connecting the elements, and exactly matches the element widths of the TRIO.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Montignac, Franciaország

Complete replica of the "Lascaux 4" cave as the central element of the CIAP museum complex

Projekt követelmények

  • Exact replica of a historic cave on a scale of 1:1
  • Dimensionally-accurate construction of approx. 2,500 m² of wall surface with heights of up to 13.50 m and variable inclinations
  • Best possible surface quality through the use of SCC



Field Service
PERI France

Ügyfél előnyök

  • Cost-effective formwork solution due to the use of standard systems
  • Efficient working operations through the provision of a complete range of safety equipment
  • End-to-end anti-fall protection on the modular MXP platform system with corresponding end platforms and guardrails
  • Fast and easy forming of the up to 13.50 m high and inclined walls
Joseph Bernardo, Site Manager; Serge Bertrand, Site Manager; Patrice Viguié, Site Manager
Joseph Bernardo, Serge Bertrand, Patrice Viguié
Site Managers

Having taken all possibilities into consideration, we chose the TRIO and VARIO wall formwork systems for realising the inclined walls of the Lascaux project. The handling of the TRIO elements is simple and practical at the same time, and the inclined surfaces could be joined together without any problems whatsoever – in spite of the changes in inclination between the individual wall sections. After carrying out some adjustments, the VARIO formwork proved to be a very sensible choice for forming the adjacent walls with counter-positioned inclinations.

PERI megoldások

  • Overall concept comprised of detailed technical preparation, a particularly safe formwork solution and continuous on-site consultation
  • Realisation of complex architecture with inclined walls and variable inclinations
  • Customized elements on the basis of VARIO GT 24 girder wall formwork for realising, in particular, those corner areas where two wall surfaces with counter-positioned inclinations are joined together
  • Moving of large-sized elements with only one crane pick
  • Full compliance with all requirements