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Hotel Mélia, La Défense, France

Hotel Mélia, La Défense, Paris, France - For the construction of the Hotel Meliá in the "La Défense" office district, PERI developed a comprehensive climbing formwork solution. This serves not only as an enclosure, which ensures the safety of the construction teams at all times, but also it supports the precast parapets during erection.
Hotel Mélia, La Défense, Paris, France - The 2,00 m high mesh barriers from the PROKIT safety system are also clad with sheeting thus creating a gap free enclosure.
Hotel Mélia, La Défense, Paris, France - The climbing rails are held in position on the parapets of the basement levels and additionally fixed to the slab.
Hotel Mélia, La Défense, Paris, France - The PERI solution also includes a landing platform that provides fast and safe transport of materials up to the next storeys.
Hotel Mélia, La Défense - For constructing the floor slabs, the GRIDFLEX slab formwork system is being used. As all components are mounted from the floor below, completely safe assembly is guaranteed.
Hotel Mélia, La Défense, Paris, France - The La Défense 2015 planning for the office district at the entrance to Paris includes a range of refurbishment projects and new buildings. Examples are the Hotel Mélia (foreground) and the Tour Majunga (in the background), whose cores are being formed with ACS self-climbing formwork.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Paris, Franciaország

New construction of a hotel with 5 basement levels and 20 upper storeys

Total height: 87 m
Construction time: January 2013 to the end of 2014

Architect: Claude Vasconi

Projekt követelmények

Self-climbing formwork for complex geometries and a wide range of loads
- assembly support for the precast parapets
- for accommodating loads from steel formwork provided by the contractor
- circumferential climbing protection panel for complete, closed enclosure

Integration of a landing platform for the transport of materials


Bateg / CBC, Velizy - Villacoublay, France

Ügyfél előnyök

  • Crane-independent climbing solution
  • Simple assembly of the precast parapets with protection provided by the enclosure
  • High level of safety for site personnel as well as around the construction site
Hotel Mélia, Paris: Jean-Francois Delmas, Senior Construction Manager
Jean-Francois Delmas
Senior Construction Manager

The Hotel Meliá itself is a real technical challenge whilst the site surroundings also provide severe restrictions. The PERI climbing formwork solution, based on the RCS system, fully meets our requirements - both in terms of safety as well as use.

PERI megoldások

  • Project-specific solution with RCS system components
  • Four different protection panel concepts, e.g. with special slab shoes or an FTF solution as assembly support for the precast parapets