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Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) | Operation Buildings East and West, China

On two artificial islands at both exits of the HZMB tunnel, striking architectural concrete structures are currently being built. On the right of the picture, the exit at the west end of the tunnel can be seen. (Graphic: © China Communications Construction Company Ltd. CCCC)
The directions of travel for the tunnel are separated by 15.50 m high reinforced concrete walls. Supported on the walls is a steel structure which serves as a sun shield. The multi‑storey building is being build in the lengthening of the tunnel entrance.
With the PERI solution, the construction team achieved the best SB 4 architectural concrete quality with a clearly structured joint and tie arrangement as well as permanent water impermeability for the walls of the tunnel entrance.
PERI also planned and delivered the formwork solutions for the circumferential wave breakers as well as the multi-storey operation buildings on the artificial islands. The highest possible architectural concrete quality was the decisive requirement for the execution of the construction work.
The PERI formwork solution for the slabs, cantilevered balconies and parapets is largely based on standard components taken from various PERI systems. The Weissenhorn‑based company also planned, produced and delivered countless timber formers and other cut‑to‑size plywood panels for the circular‑shaped areas.
During the planning work, the project partners decided to change the previously agreed construction method. Among other things, beams and slabs were to be concreted separately. Result: system formwork could be used efficiently and the previously planned construction period reduced by 6 months.
The cut-to-size plywood formlining for the project-specific formwork of the large-sized columns was planned and produced in Weissenhorn.
For the construction team, execution of such high architectural concrete quality was an entirely new experience. Two PERI supervisors therefore supported the project managers on site during the entire construction period ensuring constant quality assurance.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Hongkong, Kína

  • Two multi-storey factory operation buildings on each of the two 100,000 m² artificial islands at the east and west ends of the tunnel respectively
  • Structure on the western island: approx. 19,000 m² usable area for machine rooms, fire-fighting equipment and administration; consisting of one underground level and three above-ground floors; around 20 m total height
  • Structure at the eastern exit of the tunnel: approx. 27,000 m² of usable area on 4 floors; apart from the operating rooms, retail areas as well as an exhibition on the development of the mega project is being realized; around 23,60 m total height

Projekt követelmények

  • Highest architectural concrete requirements
  • Efficient formwork solutions with system formwork and the least possible use of special formwork
  • Project-specific solutions for complex shapes


China Communications Construction Company Ltd. (CCCC)

Ügyfél előnyök

  • Realization of the the highest possible architectural concrete quality according to SB 4
  • Efficient execution with a high proportion of system formwork
  • Just-in-time deliveries of cut-to-size formliners
  • On-site quality assurance support provided by a PERI supervisor
Portrait of Meng Fanli, Project Leader West Island, Lin Ming, Project Director, Liu Haiqing, Project Leader East Island, China Communications Construction Company Ltd. (CCCC)
Meng Fanli | Lin Ming | Liu Haiqing
Project Leader West Island | Project Director | Project Leader East Island

PERI played a decisive role in realizing this once-in-a-century structure; tunnel entrances, breakwaters and operation buildings were extremely challenging due to maintaining the highest quality requirements. The formwork carriages could easily be moved and provided the best possible safety and first-class architectural concrete quality. We came to appreciate the professional engineering, service and the striving of the PERI engineers for perfection.

PERI megoldások

  • Planning of the formwork solution including the development of new construction methods
  • Cost-effective formwork solution with efficient use of system formwork
  • Planning and delivery of custom-made plywood formliners
  • Continuous monitoring of construction measures and quality assurance on site by a PERI supervisor
  • Reduction of construction time