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Bypass tunnel Sochi, Russian Federation

Bypass tunnel Sochi, Russia - For construction of the emergency parking bays, the formwork carriage was designed with a width of 14.30 m. Moving the carriage to the next bay through the smaller-sized standard cross-section, required a reduction in the maximum external dimensions.
Bypass tunnel Sochi, Russia - For moving the carriage to the next emergency bay, PERI developed an accurately-defined working sequence by which the formwork segments could be hydraulically folded and lowered.
Bypass tunnel Sochi, Russia - Moving through the reduced standard cross-section resulted in lowering the formwork carriage construction by more than 1 m and folding up at the sides for a width of around 10 m.
Bypass tunnel Sochi, Russia - The electric drive unit provided a fast and easy to operate forward movement of the tunnel formwork carriage.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Sochi, Oroszországi Föderáció

  • length tunnel: 2.6 km
  • width/height of cross-section: 10.80 m / 7.95 m
  • structure: mining technique

Projekt követelmények

Fabrication of six emergency stop bays arranged alternately, with a length of 54 m each

  • widening by 3.50 m to 14.30 m
  • decrease of the outer dimensions for the forward movement to the next place of utilisation


OOO Tonneldorstroy, Sochi

Ügyfél előnyök

  • load-bearing tunnel formwork carriage with flexible design
  • fast and safe striking and moving process
Alexey Boldyirew, Deputy Construction Manager | Sergey Haladji, Foreman
Alexey Boldyirew | Sergey Haladji
Deputy Construction Manager | Foreman

At the beginning, we were rather sceptical concerning the filigree structure. Our trust has been growing by the day – now we are absolutely thrilled. The PERI formwork carriage is extremely stable and very suitable for our daily work, it fulfils all requirements of our jobsite.

PERI megoldások

  • VARIOKIT tunnel formwork carriage with hydraulically foldable side formwork and a lowering range of 1 m
  • each emergency stop bay in 6 sections with a length of 9 m each
  • exactly defined working sequences
  • hydraulic operation
  • utilisation of the PERI concrete pump connection

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