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Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires - A standardized construction kit system as well as the planning and delivery of formwork and scaffolding from a single source makes the PERI project solution very cost-effective.
Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Rentable VARIOKIT and MULTIPROP system components form the site-compliant basis for the movable, form-giving slab tables.
Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Due to the metric basic grid dimensions, the PERI UP Rosett Flex scaffolding sub-structure could be optimally adapted to suit the different contact areas.
Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires - For forming the undulating roof construction, movable slab tables on PERI UP intermediate platforms are being used.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Buenos Aires, Argentína

New headquarters of the Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. The four floors of the prestigious office complex in the Parque Patricios district are covered by a 9,000 m² undulating roof structure.

  • Floors: 4
  • Ground surface: 94 m x 103 m

Architect: Foster + Partners, London

Projekt követelmények

  • Dimensionally accurate shaping
  • High fair-faced concrete requirements
  • Short construction period


CRIBA S.A., Buenos Aires

Ügyfél előnyök

  • Wirtschaftlich durch standardisierte Systembauteile und reduzierte Vorhaltemenge des Gerüstunterbaus
  • Exakte Formgebung und optimale Sichtbetonflächen durch hohen Vorfertigungsgrad und Gelenkkupplung als kraftschlüssige Elementverbindung
Juan Manuel Denotta, Project Manager, Banco Ciudad
Juan Manuel Denotta
Project Manager

With only two PERI Table Striking and Transportation Trolleys, the up to 24 m² and 2 ton tables were easy on the PERI UP Rosett move platforms - an excellent solution for our project.

PERI megoldások

  • Tailor-made formwork and scaffolding concept with movable slab tables on intermediate platform
  • True to size and mounted using Holzknaggen VARIOKIT units prefabricated elements table with MULTIPROPs shoring towers to large-sized, up to 24 m² large slab tables
  • Moving by hand with lift and travel device in 13 m and 16 m height
  • Production in six concrete sections with 16 m stroke length
  • Gradual remodeling of the scaffold sub-structure for each of the next section