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Absolute World, Canada

Absolute World, Missisauga, Canada - One climbing system – two climbing methods: with protection provided by the RCS climbing protection panel, the two twisting Absolute World towers rose steadily upwards in regular weekly cycles.
Absolute World, Missisauga, Canada - Absolute Tower South: the three uppermost floors under construction are completely enclosed.
Absolute World, Missisauga, Canada - Protected by the RCS climbing protection panel, safe and fast forming was carried out even at great heights using SKYDECK.
Absolute World, Missisauga, Canada - Two landing platforms were integrated in the RCS protection panel solution. These allowed fast and simple transport of materials.
Absolute World, Missisauga, Canada - On the northern tower, the RCS enclosure climbed upwards at an angle – hydraulically and therefore crane-independent using RCS self-climbing devices.
Absolute World, Missisauga, Canada - Climbing protection panel and landing platforms move upwards to the next storey at an angle of between 21 and 26 degrees.
Absolute World, Missisauga, Canada - Mobile RCS hydraulic cylinders and pumps lift the climbing units up to the next concreting section.
Absolute World, Missisauga, Canada - Absolute World, two spectacular high-rise buildings which have had a major impact on the city skyline.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Missisauga, Kanada

Two high-rise buildings which are 153 m and 178 m high

  • number of floors Tower South: 56
  • number of floors Tower North: 50
  • construction period: 2008-2011

Architect: Burka Varacalli Architects; MAD Studio

Projekt követelmények

  • twisting elliptical floors throughout the total height
  • each of the two towers twists in a different way


Premform Ltd., Toronto

Ügyfél előnyök

  • safety for those working at the jobsite
  • construction time optimisation  to 5-6 day pour cycles
  • unaffected by wind and weather
Frank Colucci, General Superintendent and Sergio Vacilotto, Project Supervisor - Absolute World
Frank Colucci | Sergio Vacilotto
General Superintendent | Project Supervisor

We decided to use PERI RCS in this project for three reasons: safety for workers and for the traffic below, productivity to achieve one floor pour in 5 to 6 days and schedule improvement to avoid lost days due to wind or weather conditions.

PERI megoldások

  • flexible and adaptable climbing protection panel with mobile hydraulic climbing
  • Absolute World I (south): projecting fixed climbing shoe to compensate for the offset between the floors
  • Absolute World II (north): oblique climbing protection panel during constant twisting