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Henninger Turm, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Henninger Turm, Frankfurt am Main
Henninger Turm, Frankfurt am Main
Henninger Turm, Frankfurt am Main: The upper landing platforms were integrated into the RCS enclosure and climbed crane-independently together with the protection panel unit to the next section in each case. In the floors immediately below, crane-movable RCS MP Landing Platforms served as a temporary storage areas for crane transportation.
Henninger Turm, Frankfurt am Main: RCS and TRIO formed rail-guided climbing formwork units for the re-created north side of the former grain storage silo.
Henninger Turm, Frankfurt am Main: Base structure with parking garage ramp
Henninger Turm, Frankfurt am Main
View of the Frankfurt skyline. With a height of around 140 m, the new Henninger Turm is one of the landmarks of Frankfurt.
Henninger Turm, Frankfurt am Main: Scaffolding the cantilevered circular building with PERI UP Flex for installing the facade as well as the PROKIT anti-fall protection on the open slab edges supplemented the PERI complete solution.
Henninger Turm, Frankfurt am Main: project-specific scaffolding solution for the demolition work in 2013

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Frankfurt am Main, Németország

140 m high residential tower with cantilevering circular section at the top as well as a 5-storey base structure. At the top of the so-called Barrel – the 39th floor – is a restaurant; additional panoramic views are provided by the observation deck on the floor below.

The very distinctive architecture of the building with the barrel and bright northern facade have re-created the old Henninger Turm, a former grain storage silo which featured a revolving restaurant at the top of the tower.

Projekt követelmények

  • Construction of the elevator shaft with only a minimum of crane support.
  • Enclosure construction for safe working operations while taking into account canterlevering balconies.
  • Cantilevered working platform at a height of 100 m for the construction of the barrel section, for supporting and load distribution in the core and external walls.
  • Parking garage ramp with large wall openings and restricted anchoring possibilities for climbing platforms.


Ed. Züblin AG, Frankfurt

Ügyfél előnyök

  • Technical and scheduling feasibility without any interface problems with formwork, scaffolding and engineering from a single source
  • Cost-efficient and project-beneficial optimized implementation solutions on the basis of a jointly-developed workflow concept.
  • Safe working conditions during all construction phases.
Picture of Achim Kurz, Senior Foreman and Roger Schmitt, Senior Site Manager at Ed. Züblin AG, Frankfurt
Achim Kurz | Roger Schmitt
Senior Foreman | Senior Site Manager

The project support provided by PERI in the form of planning workflow concepts as well as many other additional services was outstanding. PERI already made a convincing case at the time when the formwork offer was submitted through their innovative ideas and proposed solutions. In the subsequent order processing, the formwork concept could be continually updated while working closely with the contractor and PERI´s technical office, and further optimized for everyone involved in the construction. Here, in addition to the technical feasibility as well as fast scheduling realization, great emphasis was placed on ensuring cost efficiency.

PERI megoldások

  • Workflow concept with formwork, scaffolding and services from a single source.
  • On-site project support through the provision of a project coordinator and supervisor as well as a project-specific implementation and safety concept.
  • To the greatest possible extent hydraulically-operated climbing formwork and protection panel solution on the basis of the ACS and RCS Climbing Systems with only a minimum of crane support.
  • Up to 8 m cantilevered working and scaffolding platform for the 40 m high barrel-style construction on the basis of rentable system components.
  • Planning and delivery of climbing formwork and platforms for the parking garage ramp while taking into consideration the consistent implementation of the safety concept.