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Albian Sands, Canada

Albian Sands, Fort McMurray, Canada - Through the planning and supply of formwork and scaffolding from one source, the MULTIFLEX slab formwork and PERI UP shoring could be perfectly matched.
Albian Sands, Fort McMurray, Canada - As side formwork for the enormous, up to 4 m high beams, TRIO panel formwork was used. PERI UP Rosett and MULTIFLEX formed the supporting structure.
Albian Sands, Fort McMurray, Canada - With PERI UP Rosett and MULTIFLEX, the high loads from the massive structural elements at heights of between 10 m and 12 m were reliably transferred into the ground.
Albian Sands, Fort McMurray, Canada - The PERI solution took into consideration the high requirements – static as well as in all aspects concerning safety.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Fort McMurray, Kanada

Production plant for the extraction of oil sand in an open pit mine.

Construction period: 2006-2010

Projekt követelmények

  • massive foundations and rectangular columns
  • beams of 4 m in height
  • use of self-compacting concrete with high concrete pressures


Ledcor Industries, Fort McMurray

Ügyfél előnyök

  • falsework and working platform with one system
  • flexible adaptation to high loads and complex structural geometry
  • falsework and slab formwork perfectly matched
  • simple adjustment with system components thanks to metric grid
Albian Sands Statement - Denis Dubeau, Site Manager
Denis Dubeau
Site Manager

There are many shoring systems and also a lot of working scaffold on the market.  But PERI UP is the only system which equally satisfies both aspects.  In particular, the high load-bearing capacity impressed me.

PERI megoldások

  • planning and delivery of formwork and scaffolding from one place
  • VARIO and TRIO for walls, MULTIFLEX for slabs and PERI UP as falsework
  • The birdcage scaffold with a basic grid of 1.50 m x 1.50 m could be halved/doubled to 75-cm and 3.00-m widths in areas of high loads, stair access integrated in falsework/working platform.