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ISET Tower, Russian Federation

ISET Tower, Yekaterinburg, Russia - The ISET Tower in Yekaterinburg is characterized by its external shape. PERI planned a comprehensive, crane-independent concept of the climbing formwork required on the elevator shafts and core walls, as well as the climbing protection panel on the building´s outer edges.
ISET Tower, Yekaterinburg, Russia - With the RCS rail climbing system, the external formwork safely climbs the circular building core from storey to storey using a rail-guded procedure. Level +1 is completely enclosed which guarantees efficient formworking operations and reinforcement work.
ISET Tower, Yekaterinburg, Russia - The elevator shafts are arranged in the centre of the building´s core. Due to the restricted dimensions, self-climbing ACS S shaft formwork is being used for these walls.
ISET Tower, Yekaterinburg, Russia - For the internal formwork of the circular-shaped core wall, a combination consisting of the ACS G and P versions are used – optimally adapted to suit the geometric conditions of the ISET Tower.
ISET Tower, Yekaterinburg, Russia - The RCS climbing protection panel completely encloses the building´s outer edges thus guarateeing safe working conditions for the construction team at all times.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Yekaterinburg, Oroszországi Föderáció

  • residential and office building with 52 storeys, total height of 209 m
  • circular structure with centrally-arranged core
  • varying number and dimensions of elevator shafts within the core likewise with circular ground plan

Projekt követelmények

  • fast and safe construction work for circular design, very high wind loads and high fresh concrete pressure
  • self-climbing solution also for elevator shafts with compact dimensions
  • flexible adjustment to changing ground plan layouts and storey heights


Ekaterinburg-City, Ltd.

Ügyfél előnyök

  • minimization of crane use
  • easy, site-compliant and fast adaption of the self-climbing formwork to the changing shaft layout
  • fastforming of the circular walls with customized special forms
  • safe working conditions also at great heights and with strong winds
Golovin Evgeniy Borisovich
Chief Engineer

We decided to use the proven PERI self-climbing formwork systems, because they are easy to handle and ensure complete safety in high-rise construction. PERI specialists have consistently provided us with operational support.

PERI megoldások

  • combination of different ACS self-climbing formwork systems and RCS rail-guided climbing system
  • implementation solution with simple conversion of the self-climbing formwork for different shaft dimensions
  • special elements on the basis of the VARIO GT 24 girder wall formwork
  • all-round protection provided by the RCS climbing protection panel on the outside edge of the building