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International Towers Sydney ITS, Barangaroo South, Australia

Barangaroo South, Sydney - The three ITS high-rise towers for the centre of the ambitious Barangaroo South project in the Sydney harbour area.
Barangaroo South, Sydney - With the Barangaroo Point Reserve (North), Central Barangaroo and Barangeroo South sub-projects, Sydney´s city centre is being expanded westwards by an impressive 22 hectares. In the foreground is the three ITS high-rise towers are rising steadily upwards; in the background is the famous Sydney Opera House with its distinctive roof structure.
Barangaroo South, Sydney - Over 700 linaer metres of PERI LPS enclosure secure and accelerate construction work on the three high-rise towers - up to the final height of 217 m.
Barangaroo South, Sydney - The LPS protection panel units are up to 18.50 m high and are climbed by means of mobile climbing hydraulics to the next floor without requiring a crane.
Barangaroo South, Sydney - Key components of the PERI climbing solution are two RCS landing platforms on each tower that have been integrated into the LPS enclosure and supplemented with additional protective meshes.
Barangaroo South, Sydney - The LPS enclosure nestles closely to the building also in circular sections areas - and thus ensures safe working conditions in the floors under construction as well as the areas of risk below.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Sydney, Ausztrália

  • High-rise complex with three office towers and 320,000 m² gross floor area
  • Height up to 217 m
  • 39 to 49 storeys on a 3-storey base construction

Projekt követelmények

  • Tight construction schedule
  • Limited crane capacity
  • Extremely high safety requirements
  • Varying floor heights of between 3.80 m and 5.50 m


Lend Lease Structures, Sydney

Ügyfél előnyök

  • Safe working conditions also at great heights
  • Wind protection and light transmission in one due to the close-meshed structure of the LPS grid elements
  • Saving of valuable crane time and accelerating working operations through the use of mobile hydraulic units
  • Cost-effective protection panel solution due to rentable grid elements
David Langford, Site Manager
David Langford
Site Manager

The collaboration between Lend Lease Structures and PERI to develop a system which accommodated our comprehensive safety requirements was greatly appreciated. PERI has worked closely with us and their continued site service has been a valuable resource when called upon. The added benefit of hydraulics on the LPS system enabled us to free up crane time and helped us in achieving our tight programme.

PERI megoldások

  • Comprehensive formwork and safety concept on the basis of the LPS climbing protection panel
  • 18.50 m high LPS enclosure or up to 5 floors at the same time with 75 cm working space for pre-stressing the floor slabs
  • RCS landing platforms with additional protection panel equipment