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Edificio Ágora, Spain

Edificio Ágora, Valencia, Spain - A huge birdcage scaffold on the basis of PERI UP Rosett provided safe access ways and working areas for subsequent site activities up to a height of nearly 80 m.
Edificio Ágora, Valencia, Spain - The distinct and clear structure of the modular scaffold is self-explanatory and guarantees fast and safe assembly.
Edificio Ágora, Valencia, Spain - With its modular and flexible design features, PERI UP Rosett Flex scaffolding system could easily be adapted to suit the complex forms.
Edificio Ágora, Valencia, Spain - After completion of the steel fin construction, the scaffold was continuously modified and adapted for subsequent work operations.
Edificio Ágora, Valencia, Spain - During the construction phase, the inside area of the future multi-functional hall was almost completely filled with PERI UP Rosett scaffolding.
Edificio Ágora, Valencia, Spain - Buildings from Santiago Calatrava are characterized by their elegant sculptural designs – the Edificio Ágora continued this tradition.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Valencia, Spanyolország

Multi-function centre created to resemble the helmet of a conquistador; arch-supported steel supporting structure; foldable glass roof with a lamellae-type construction

Height: 80 m
Width: 65 m
Length: 100 m
Construction period: 2008 - 2009

Architect: Santiago Calatrava

Projekt követelmények

  • short construction time of 13 months
  • working platforms and access for all assembly work
  • complicated building shape


U.T.E. Agora, Valencia:
Augescon, Lindner, Estrumaher

Ügyfél előnyök

  • acceleration of the working processes as a result of the short retrofitting phases for the scaffolding system
  • continual modification possibilities due to the fact that the flooring could be subsequently removed and re-installed
  • high level of safety due to working platforms and access ways without any gaps
  • time-saving due to safe working processes
Edificio Ágora, Carlos Gil, Project Manager
Carlos Gil
Project Manager

The PERI scaffold solution adapted perfectly to the complex geometry and construction progress. As a result of this, all operational steps could be safely carried out, which also led to substantial time savings.

PERI megoldások

  • PERI UP birdcage scaffolds with continuous modification to geometry and working processes
  • cantilevers with UBK node diagonals and UCB brackets between steel ribs for access from all sides

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