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ADAC Headquarters, Gemany

ADAC Headquarters, Munich, Germany - The RCS climbing protection panel provides a complete enclosure of the upper floors thus providing protection against wind and weather – this leads to an increase in productivity.
ADAC Headquarters, Munich, Germany - For fast and safe forming of the curved floor slabs, rentable modular and trapezoidal-shaped customised tables with integrated guardrails are used.
ADAC Headquarters, Munich, Germany - For the construction of the new ADAC headquarters, PERI supported the Züblin construction team with efficient formwork and scaffolding solutions as well as competent service.
ADAC Headquarters, Munich, Germany - Below the shear walls, HD 200 heavy-duty props transfer linear loads of up to 400 kN/m and ideally supplement the MULTIPROP temporary props.
ADAC Headquarters, Munich, Germany - The undulating curved base structure is positioned on an up to 6.50 m thick bottom plate and covers an area of 17,000 m².
ADAC Headquarters, Munich, Germany - The 93 m high multi-storey building cantilevers by around 7 m in the direction of the railway line. Over a length of 50 m, an 18 m high PERI UP shoring serves to carry the loads.
ADAC Headquarters, Munich, Germany - The new ADAC headquarters is comprised of a five-storey, undulating curved base structure with a large courtyard. The office tower continues upwards for another 18 floors.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Munich, Németország

Five-storey, undulating curved base construction and office tower with 23 floors.

Overall height: 91 m
Construction period: 2006-2011

Projekt követelmények

  • walls up to 14 m high, some with architectural concrete requirements, some single-sided
  • transfer of linear loads of up to 400 kN/m² and support of projections.


ARGE Neubau ADAC-Zentrale:
Ed. Züblin AG, Direktion Nord und Bayern;
ADAC, München

Ügyfél előnyök

A conclusive complete solution for walls, shafts, slabs and cantilevers as well as services.

Joachim Link, Site Manager Multi-Storey Structure, ADAC Headquarters
Joachim Link
Site Manager Multi-Storey Structure

For this project, we received a clear and well prepared formwork and scaffolding concept from PERI.  In addition, the punctual and site-compliant service provided by the PERI engineers greatly contributed to the cost-effective and time-saving project development.

PERI megoldások

  • TRIO was very versatile for high and one-sided walls, for architectural concrete requirements and as shaft formwork.
  • combined modular and customised tables for fast and safe forming of the curved floor slabs.
  • time savings due to reduced number of props and light-weight individual parts for SKYDECK and MULTIPROP.
  • increased productivity due to complete enclosure with RCS climbing protection panel.
  • transfer of linear loads through HD 200 and 18-m-high projection by PERI UP falsework.