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Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - The large spans in the middle bridge sections were concreted by means of the balanced cantilever method.
Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - With the help of the PERI formwork and scaffolding solution, the 20 m high individual supports of the V-shaped identical sets of piers with 27.45 degree inclinations could be accurately constructed.
Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Even in tightly-spaced working areas, tidily-arranged material storage using pallets and transport containers ensured fast transportation of materials.
Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - The flexible PERI UP scaffold system could be geometrically adapted at all heights and to suit every load case.
Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Construction of the eastern foreland bridge was carried out on falsework in 55 m sections using pre-assembled raised formwork units consisting of rentable PERI system components.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Abu Dhabi, Egyesült Arab Emirátus

Connection between Abu Dhabi City and Saadiyat Island

  • length: 1,455 m
  • width: 60 m (one of the widest bridges in the world)

Projekt követelmények

  • production of two v-shaped sets of pier which are nearly 20 m high and inclined up to 27°
  • production of abutments, 19 foreland piers and a superstructure


ARGE Ed. Züblin AG, Saif Bin Darwish Engineering Contractor

Ügyfél előnyök

  • use of extensively-dimensioned moving units 
  • modification of the superstructure formwork to changes in the cross-section
  • ordered material storage
Jens Nagel | Alexander Schmalz
Deputy Project Manager | Site Manager

From PERI, we are used to getting reliability - for the technical support and the systems. The formwork solution used with VARIO and raised formwork units is extremely stable and the PERI UP modular scaffold is easy to install and flexible in use. The moving procedure is carried out with large-sized transportable units.

With the PERI formwork solution for the cantilevered construction, it was possible for us to minimize the work involved for adapting to the different bridge cross-sections from cycle to cycle.

PERI megoldások

  • formwork and shoring for the production of the main piers in four climbing steps with a concreting cycle height of 4.70m
  • modification of scaffolding to the geometry and different occurring loads 
  • usage of rentable system components

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