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Puente de La Pepa, Spain

Puente de La Pepa, Bahia de Cádiz, Spain - Almost half of the 3.2 km long bridge construction crosses the Bay of Cadiz, with a 540 m span and 69 m vertical clearance between the two pylons.
Puente de La Pepa, Bahia de Cádiz, Spain - The VARIO GT 24 wall formwork was climbed on ACS R self-climbing brackets. Working platforms and access technology were likewise realized using standard systems.
Puente de La Pepa, Bahia de Cádiz, Spain - With the PERI steel construction, the high concreting loads from the 47 m wide pylon expansion could be safely transferred into the base.
Puente de La Pepa, Bahia de Cádiz, Spain - The entire bridge project with all pylons, piers and superstructure featured a very wide range of construction phases.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Bahia de Cádiz, Spanyolország

  • construction: cable-stayed bridge
  • total length: 3.2 km
  • span of main bay: 540 m
  • two pylons at a height of 190 m
  • six-lane road at a height of 69 m

Projekt követelmények

  • different construction sections with pylons, pillars and superstructure
  • changing layout form of the pylons from hexagonal to trapezoid
  • continuous cross-section change with curvatures on all sides
  • 47 m wide pylon enlargement with high concreting loads


UTE Puente de Cádiz:
Dragados S.A., Madrid; F.P.S. S.A., Madrid

Ügyfél előnyök

  • simplification of the construction sequences with only one formwork and scaffolding partner
  • integrated work levels
  • optimal accessibility
  • mostly utilisation of rentable standard systems
Puente de la Pepa, Cadiz - Victor M. Jiménez Aguadero, Construction Manager
Victor M. Jiménez Aguadero
Construction Manager

We were able to define a formwork concept for this bridge project together with the PERI engineers which is based on the experience from numerous projects that have been carried out so far.

PERI megoldások

  • accurate prefabrication of the customised VARIO elements
  • steel latticed framework as specific solution for the fabrication of the enlargement area