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Lötschberg Tunnel, Switzerland

Lötschberg Tunnel, Mitholz, Switzerland - Tunnel formwork carriage for a cross-section width of 15.74 m and 12.54 m high. At first, the tunnel side walls were shuttered and concreted.
Lötschberg Tunnel, Mitholz, Switzerland - In the second stage, the formwork carriage was supplemented with the arched formwork. The formwork was raised and lowered by means of four hydraulic drive components.
Lötschberg Tunnel, Mitholz, Switzerland - In total, an 88 km tube system was required for the 35 km long Lötschberg Tunnel. The two East and West operating centres were situated at the Mitholz base. (Graphic: BLS AlpTransit AG)

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Mitholz, Svájc

35 km railway tunnel in mining construction technique. The mining-type tunnel driving with a total of almost 16 million tons of excavated material was carried out with tunnel drilling machines (20%), and 80% was blown up.

Construction time until commissioning: 1999 - 2007

Projekt követelmények

Tunnel cross section of a width of 15.74 m and a height of 12.54 m


Schweizer Alp Transit Consortium (SATCO)

Ügyfél előnyök

Adaptable tunnel modular construction kit suitable for the jobsite

Lötschberg Tunnel: Albin Matschek, Bauführer
Albin Matschek
Site Supervisor

PERI offered the most efficient solution for our jobsite. The adaptable PERI modular construction kit for the jobsite with pre-assembled units excellently fulfilled all our requirements.

PERI megoldások

  • one tunnel formwork carriage for wall and slab
  • hydraulically operated formwork carriage structure
  • formwork carriage mobile via chain block
  • hydraulic lifting components for height adjustment

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