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Audi Tunnel, Germany

PERI brace frame structure to transfer the loads during single-sided concreting with ties of the DW 26 system, at the jobsite for the Audi tunnel in Ingolstadt.
Brace frames and TRIO panel formwork elements used at the jobsite for the Audi tunnel in Ingolstadt.
TRIO elements on SKS 180 climbing brackets, used at the jobsite for the Audi tunnel in Ingolstadt for sections higher than 6.55 meters.
PERI V tie bracket for the efficient mounting of ties when brace frames are used.
Graphical display of the cut-and cover construction method used during the construction of the Audi tunnel in Ingolstadt.
Detailed look at brace frame anchoring with PERI V tie bracket.
View of a wall with two coupled TRIO panel formwork units and brace frame units with waler sections for one concreting segment (left) and section view (right).
Ground plan of brace frame positions for one concreting cycle length with stopend formwork and tie positions.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Ingolstadt, Németország

The so-called Audi tunnel, the line of the newly built ICE train connection between Nuremberg and Munich crosses a part of the company premises of the car manufacturer Audi underground. With respect to vibration-sensitive production plants, the idea of a mining-type blasting of the tunnel tube was no option. The construction was carried out with the cut-and-cover construction method instead. After the completion of the diaphragm walls and the bottom below ground, the outer tunnel walls were formed single-sided and concreted against the retaining walls.

Projekt követelmények

  • Mounting of single-sided wall formwork against diaphragm wall concrete
  • Fast and accurate concreting


ARGE Tunnel/Einführung Ingolstadt
Walter Bau-AG, together with DYWIDAG underground branch, Munich and Ed. Züblin AG, Munich

Ügyfél előnyök

  • Completion of the concreting segments according to schedule
  • PERI tie brackets for efficient mounting of ties for the utilization of brace frames
  • For each brace frame, there were two ties of the DW 26 system in order to safely support high loads (permissible load 2 x 250 kN)

PERI megoldások

  • The ARGE, the building consortium, used TRIO panel formwork elements and brace frames in the area of the standard cross-section. They were produced especially for the requirements of the project.
  • Designed for a concreting height of 6.48 meters, two movable units were connected with a filler plate for a concreting cycle of 10.20 meters length.
  • At the beginning, the jobsite team moved the formwork units separately, later however, they moved them in one from cycle to cycle with the help of a puller hoist.
  • The maximum height of 9.60 meters was concreted in two steps. Up to a height of 6.55 meters, brace frames and TRIO panel formwork elements were used, and for the second concreting step then TRIO elements on SKS 180 climbing brackets.  

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