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Hradec Králové Library, Czech Republic

Hradec Králové Library, Czech Republic - With an X-shaped floor plan, the architectural concept of this building created a new highlight in the urban development of the city of Hradec Králové. Originally, all external surfaces should have received an orange-painted facade. This concept was completely rejected due to the high-quality concrete surface finish.
Hradec Králové Library, Czech Republic - For the visibly remaining surfaces of the wall structure, architectural concrete of the very highest quality was required - free of pores and without any variations in the shading.
Hradec Králové Library, Czech Republic - The flexible waler arrangement of the VARIO GT 24 wall formwork elements allowed the realization of the required tie pattern.
Hradec Králové Library, Czech Republic - Regularly arranged circular windows and a defined joint and tie pattern in the wall area.
Hradec Králové Library, Czech Republic - The attractive colour design helps visitors to find their way round.
Hradec Králové Library, Czech Republic - The architectural concept of the interior design provided clear lines and well-arranged structures of the building elements.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Hradec Králové, Csehország

Library building with X-shaped ground plan

Architect: Projektil Architekti, Roman Brychty, Prag

Projekt követelmények

  • defined joint arrangement on wall and slab surfaces
  • prespecified tie arrangement in the wall areas
  • smooth architectural concrete without pores or shading deviations
  • use of self-sealing concrete


VCES a.s. Firma VHS, Hradec Králové

Ügyfél előnyök

Outstanding concreting results make façade painting superfluous

Milos Filipi, Construction Manager, Hradec Králové Library, Czech Republic
Milos Filipi
Site Manager

We worked intensively with the PERI formwork in the planning stage so we could realise the prespecified joint arrangement of 2.50 x 3.30 m. For the use of self-sealing concrete PERI offered us a customised and capable formwork solution based on the VARIO girder formwork. The owner is very satisfied with the results achieved.

PERI megoldások

  • girder wall formwork elements of 3.30 x 2.50 m in size with flexible waler arrangement
  • feasibility testing by the architectural concrete team (architect, construction firm, concrete supplier, formwork supplier) using a test wall
  • formlining fixed from behind
  • VARIO GT 24 with waler positioning governed by the tie arrangement

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