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Refuse Derived Heating and Power Station, Germany

Refuse Derived Heating and Power Station, Spremberg, Germany - The VARIOKIT heavy-duty shoring towers with a height of 23.60 m can support loads of over 200 t in each case. The horizontal assembly of the approx. 10 m high tower sections makes the erection of the shoring easy and safe.
Refuse Derived Heating and Power Station, Spremberg, Germany - Massive concrete components characterize the heating and power plant in Spremberg. Further challenges for the realization of the giant complex were the large heights and high loads.
Refuse Derived Heating and Power Station, Spremberg, Germany - The heavy-duty shoring tower and the project-specific bracket solution were based on rentable system components of the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit. The combination with integrable PERI UP working platforms in the head area provided a very high level of safety also at great heights.
Refuse Derived Heating and Power Station, Spremberg, Germany - Safe and fast access to all working areas for heights of up to 60 m - absolutely no problem with PERI UP stairs. The 75 cm wide stairways were quickly assembled.
Refuse Derived Heating and Power Station, Spremberg, Germany - The CB 240 climbing scaffold, combined with VARIO GT 24 girder wall formwork, was used for constructing the massive power plant walls. Due to the walls tapering in an upward direction, the wall thickness was reduced by 10 cm per climbing cycle.

Projekt adatok

Helyszín: Spremberg, Németország

50-m-high power station complex in the “Schwarze Pumpe” industrial park.

Projekt követelmények

  • short construction period of just 18 months
  • massive concrete components, high loads and large heights


Glass Ingenieurbau Leipzig GmbH

Ügyfél előnyök

  • universal scaffolding system, crane-moveable in large units
  • time-saving, fast assembly of the heavy duty tower using system parts
  • safe working platforms with sufficient head room using PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding system
Heizkraftwerk Spremberg Statement, Hanno Pradel, Site Manager and Klaus-Dietrich Koch, Site Foreman
Hanno Pradel | Klaus-Dietrich Koch
Site Manager | Site Foreman

The technical support from PERI is very competent and professional – and tailored to our construction site requirements. We chose the PERI UP scaffolding because it has universal application and can also be moved by crane in large units. With the VARIOKIT heavy duty tower we liked the simple and time-saving assembly using system parts and connections. Additionally, the towers could be pre-assembled on their sides and then lifted into position by the crane. The supporting system can be combined with PERI UP in differing ways in terms of working and protective scaffolding.

PERI megoldások

4 VARIOKIT heavy-duty shoring towers with a supporting height of 23.60 m and 560 kN standard load for projecting components

PERI UP scaffolding system with guardrail in advance as the basis for all access as well as the shoring and reinforcement scaffold on the site:

  • type-tested shoring for supporting heights of up to 20 m
  • stair towers up to 60 m in height with Alu 75 staircase
  • walkways and landing junctions with PERI UP Flex
  • PERI UP as crane-moveable reinforcement scaffold units of up to 10 m in height

Technical support tailored to construction site requirements